Termite Prevention

Termite Prevention

No matter what species, termites are destructive. Wood is like candy to them, so you want them as far from a wood built house as you can get them. These tiny insects love the cellulose and nutrients that they find in wood. Interesting enough, other creatures cannot digest cellulose or wood as easily, but due to the bacteria found in the stomach of termites it allows them to digest the substance easily and is actually necessary for them to live. They thrive on damp areas. if they spend too much time in a dry area, they will lose all moisture in their bodies and die. Which is why they love to trap themselves in moist environments.

Here are a few tips to get you started on termite control.

  • Don’t mulch too close to the house
  • Keep the house air conditioned, cool, and dry
  • Treat the house every 6 years
  • Move any trees or scrap pieces of wood away from home, especially any stacked firewood
  • Remove all wood to soil contact
  • Inspect any and all cracks in homes foundation- which could eventually allow an easy access point for little critters
  • Eliminate all sources of excess moisture that could create the perfect living conditions for termite invasions

Mulching within 10 feet of the house is just asking for an infestation. Sure it makes for pretty landscaping, but that mulch is basically pre-chewed wood, and termites love it. Its easy to access, they can smell it from a mile away, and now they’re in proximity to the house in very large volumes.

Instead of ditching the mulch, just consider moving it a little further from your home. We can also consider using different types of mulch. Mulch made from materials such as plastic or gravel does not have the same effect of attracting bugs as the mulch made from wood.

Termite Inspection

Preventing wet areas from reaching our homes will also help prevent termites. If we find we have leaky gutter, or maybe even gutters that are full and are not working properly, it could lead to leaks inside our homes creating damp spaces. We should also keep a close eye on any cracks or holes in our foundation, really make sure to be thorough in this process. We want to seal any cracks we may find. You should also do a regular inspection of your pipes. Cracked pipes can draw termites in and that is the last thing we want.

Inside of our homes we love having a nice cool place to rest in the heat of summer. It can also help prevent termites because they cannot survive in a dryer environment. What we need to look out for is our air conditioning units. They could potentially provide a moist/damp environment for termites. Keep in mind, these are the kind of places where they love to dwell. If we are not watching our A/C units and we start noticing that the moisture release is not shooting away from the foundation of our home – we could be creating the perfect conditions for termites.

Keeping a close eye on our homes and what surrounds them is a big key factor of helping us find the root of the problem.

Tackling Termites In Southern Maryland

We love helping our customers completely remove termites from their homes. We will help you figure out what is causing them and attracting them to your home. Discovering any moistness around your house, basement, and sometimes even your roof can be the issue. Our company has complete confidence in what we do because we have been dealing with these pesky critters for years now and we are determined to get them out of your home so you can stop worrying about all the damages that are possibly being done.

What We Do For Exterminating

  • Place a termite barrier around your house and porch
  • Treat deck footers generously with termite treatment
  • Inspect where wood meets concrete and treat both

If you live in Southern Maryland and need an exterminator for termites, give us a call. We service the tri-county area including st marys county, Charles county, and Calvert county. We will get it done!

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