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What are some things most exterminators won't tell you?
5 Things Most Exterminators Won’t Tell You

When we see rodents and pests in our space, we want them out right away! So that’s why we look up, “The exterminators” on the internet. We want the solution of getting rid of that disgusting feeling inside that makes you want to shiver down your spine with just the thought of creepy crawlers in your personal space.

However, you may have called or have gotten the men to come, but here are some things they don´t tell you:

The buggers come back

Sorry, that’s the truth. In the end of our home or business treatment, we obviously feel good knowing that we found measures to kill all those unwanted guests. However, they or others do come back. When living in climates where moisture is common or having a poor drainage system inside or outside of the building is an attraction. That is one reason why this industry has veered away from what we like to call them to more often as pest control or pest management.

The Southern Maryland Boys Pest Control will not only manage your infestation if you call them right away but will also let you know why they are coming in. They know how to think like a pest and know where the secret entry spots are. Keep in mind, it´s not the fault of pest control if you don´t get entryways fixed.

The chemicals not only kill those buggers

Too much of any artificial chemical is bad for you. In our country, we spend about 4.5 billion pounds of pesticides each year. There have been cases of respiratory problems of being overexposed to the chemicals. Although you want to be there when your ghostbusters come to kill, just be aware of not being around them too much when they start spraying. Use a mask and it’s better to have the kids out for the day.

Do you handle termite inspections?

Most tend to think they are safe from termites or that they are not in risk of getting an infestation. But just like every home here in Southern Maryland, our homes are most frequently made of wood. Thinking of that fact alone, our homes could be a main attraction for termites. Usually around the months of March and April, it is not uncommon for homeowners to start seeing swarms of termites located near their homes.

We have an indigenous termite to our area called the Eastern Subterranean Termite that lives beneath the soil. These little flying and destructive insects are considered to be social, which is why they live in colonies, usually numbering to be hundreds of thousands. They are also extremely busy. A queen termite can deposit 2,000 eggs daily and live over the age of 40! Just imagine the work that a queen can do when her colony of termites grows.

Unfortunately, at times the damp wood they find to survive off of and officially make home, may end up being your home. Which is why we need to have annual inspections, even if we don’t suspect any evidence. These rancid insects live under ground and can do damage before we even notice.

We suggest at least once a year most popular done in the springtime, you should get your annual termite inspection. It will be right when the seasons are changing, winter is passing by, all the snow is drying up and spring is nearly in sight. This is the absolute perfect time to check and see if termites have attached themselves to any damp, wet, dark places on or near our homes.

Give us a call and let the professionals help you. We can make sure to prevent the insects from making roots and get you back to being the only homeowner of your property

Can anything be done about house flies?

House Flies and What to do About Them

Anything the flies around you and especially our food are nuisances. House flies are part of this list-to-kill as they often pass the line. They stick to edges and corners to relax on. During the day they rest on ceilings, walls, and floors. Outside, they stick around plants, fence wires, and the ground and on garbage cans. At night, they target any food source they can find, from our food, animal food, and carcasses, garbage, and excrement.

Your typical house fly is normally gray with four black stripes on the thorax. Their eggs are placed in any moist, warm material and one female can lay about 5 to 6 batches of 75 to 100 eggs. When its warmer weather their eggs can hatch within 12 to 24 hours.

These buggers are pests that you do not want to take lightly. They can pass many different sicknesses through their legs and their small hairs throughout the body. As they fly from one area to another they can carry diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery, salmonella, anthrax, and tuberculosis and have passed the eggs of parasitic worms.

So like any other pest, we don´t want them around either!

Some tips to get rid of them

Buy a fly trap!

UV light traps are awesome for zapping these house flies. They are attracted to the light and when they enter they either receive an electric shock or get trapped by glue. Your light trap should be placed about 4-6 feet off the ground and not close to a window where you can see if from the outside so you don´t lure more to budge inside your home. Also, there are different types of light traps for outdoor and indoor, so make sure you get the appropriate one.

Buy fly tape!

Fly tape is a basic way to get rid of the adult flies. Get a few rolls for your home and hang them up close to areas where there are many house flies. As they fly by they will get stuck and eventually die. However, make sure you don´t hang them directly over-head areas where you prepare your meals or where you eat. They can easily drop down and you could be having some house flies for dinner.

Buy a fly swatter!

These racquets can actually be fun to use. The electronic swatters are awesome as once you hit one, they get zapped right away. You can hear the zap noise every time you kill one. You might be tempted to test the shock on your little sibling and if you do just say you thought it didn´t work. Either way, these racquets are ideal.

The Nuisance can be over!

House flies are pests we cannot just resort living with. Don´t ignore the signs of an infestation by keeping your house clean, free from moisture and free from open food. If they are still flying around you, don´t hesitate to call us and we’ll will zap them out of your life!

How can I stop roaches from coming in my house?

Just like rats, just the thought of one roach in your home just gives you this disgusting irritable, dirty feeling inside that you have to make sure you get rid of all of them! The worse part about these roaches is that they are superfast and resilient creatures. When you flip them onto their hard shell they are immovable and that’s when you think you got them. But long and behold nah! You may think you have left them for dead but even after days they are still alive. Damn those cockroaches!

If you start seeing them more often at night and worst during the day, your only solution is the Southern Maryland Boys Pest Control. They are the only way you will be clean-free from them physically and in your imagination. However, there are some things you can do to prevent or minimize these quick, sneaky disease carrying pests to overtake your home.

A Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

A demanding full-time job and young kids leads to a busy life where you often buy take-out to have dinner ready coming home. Who wants to clean the dishes from the morning or tidy the kitchen? All you want to do is just sit on the couch and raise your feet with a glass of wine. But if you leave those leftovers for the next person to tidy up, those roaches will sure be happy campers! Keeping food sealed and leaving your floors clean from grease or crumbs will minimize a massive cockroach infestation.

Moisture is their Haven

These little critters love dark, small spaces and most likely they have hid their eggs in your kitchen cabinet cracks. If you find something that looks like a long bean, those are their gems for more pests to invade. Destroy it right away as that creates a couple more babies very easily. They love being underneath the sink because of moisture. So even if you do keep a happy kitchen clean, if you have leaks or your cabinet maker left you with a lot of hard to reach cracks, your friends are getting very cozy in there.

Take the Garbage Out

No one wants to do it and that’s why we have cockroaches. Try to keep all organic garbage into one bin instead of throwing it into different garbage bins throughout the house. You do not want to make it worse for you by having them spread throughout your home. Make sure you take your garbage out of the house frequently as that is one lucky jackpot for these pests.

No Mercy!

Do anything to kill them! Buy some bait in your local home department store and place them in the areas where they will most likely be chilling. You can even make your home-made cockroach killer.


  • Combine together, white flour, cocoa, oatmeal, boric acid and Plaster of Paris of the same portion.
  • Add 2 teaspoons or 10ml of citrus pulp, ¾ teaspoon or 4ml of brown sugar, ½ teaspoon corn meal and ¼ of boric acid.

As they come and eat the bait they get poisoned and finally they die! Be aware for either store bought bait or home-made bait, to keep them away from small children and pets.

The Eliminators

Unfortunately, you probably have at least one right now in your home hiding. However, by sticking to some basic points for prevention can help you from an outright home robbery. Keep looking for signs of invaders and often look closely to their favorites hot spots. In the end, your Ghost busters, ¨the Boys¨ will have to come in and fully eliminate those smart-ass roaches.

Are the chemicals you are using dangerous?

We adhere to all governmental safety precautions.

The safety of you and your loved ones is our priority.

The Dangerous Chemicals in Pest Control and the Government Safety Regulations

When it comes to Pesticides, we definitely want to leave it to the professionals. Just the smell of it makes you feel like you’re going to get cancer. Unfortunately, in many developing countries they don’t have any regulations and buy the Pesticides that don’t pass the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which is responsible for overseeing pesticides through the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). Thank goodness! Our country does have regulations on pesticides.

First of all, what is a Pesticide?

It is a substance used for:

  • Repelling, destroying, Preventing or mitigating any pest
  • Can be used as a defoliant, plant regulator or a desiccant
  • A Nitrogen Stabilizer

Understanding the chemicals involved will help you be aware of the dangers and help prevent misuse of substances. In pesticides there are ¨active ingredients¨ which makes it a pesticide and the ¨inert ingredients¨ are all the other ingredients that are vital for usability and product performance.

Active Ingredients

Basically, it is called active since these ingredients are what control the pests. All active ingredients must be labelled on the container, identified specifically and show its percentage by weight. Some active ingredients are antimicrobial that destroy or prevent growth of harmful microorganisms. Other ingredients are bio-pesticides that are taken from natural materials.

Inert Ingredients

Inert ingredients are usually added with one active ingredient; they are chemicals, compounds and other substances and can be derived from food and natural materials. However, it does not mean inert ingredients are non-toxic. These substances also have to be approved by EPA before they can incorporate it in a pesticide.
Inert ingredients are very essential for the effectiveness and product performance. They aid as a solvent to make sure the pesticide is penetrated thoroughly, help keep shelf life, improve safe application and can help protect the pesticide from exposure to sunlight.

Unlike active ingredients, inert substances do not have to be labelled in detail but most often the total percentage of the substance is displayed.

Government Regulations

Before we can buy any pesticide product in the States, it must pass the EPA standards to make sure it does not harm our health or the environment. Once a product is passed, it receives a license that allows the distribution of the pesticide. There are some pesticides where only qualified professionals are only permitted to handle the substance.

Pest Control

If you need to get rid of some pests in your home, the best decision is to call the Pros. The Maryland Boys Pest Control is qualified to clean out your home from unwanted pests. Never do we ever want to meddle in substances that we are not aware of its function, nor do we want to risk our own health. Leave the job to The Boys.

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Over 100 5-Star Reviews on Google

Listen folks, I’ve been using this business and working with David since I brought my home almost 9 months now. David has been awesome. What ever the product he is using is, it definitely does the job and more. I live in Waldorf and surrounded by trees and lots of grass which equals lots of pests . David has kept the mice out of my attic, the inside free of insects and I’ve seen the effectiveness of what ever he is spraying in my garage and around the house working extremely well. Folks , trust me, you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much David for your expertise and knowledge of what you do for us home owners.

Kevlaw74 - California MD
Google Reviewer

David is such a pleasure. Literally from our first phone call he was informative, professional and polite. We were having an "ANT family reunion" at our house and David came to our rescue going ABOVE + BEYOND our expectations. We were provided with SEVERAL different treatments to mitigate our ant issues BOTH inside AND out! Before he left our home the ants were already starting to gather at his bait to eat and DIE! HIS STUFF WORKS!!!!! Too top it off he's a BLACK OWNED BUSINESS ! What else could you ask for? His reviews speak for the QUALITY of his service and how WONDERFUL he treats his clients.

Ron Goggins - Local Guide, Level 6
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David was fantastic. Sent the request online and was responded to in less than 2 minutes. David was at my house the next day and made all the necessary treatments, was able to explain the processes and answer any and all questions. Very thorough. Would highly recommend.

Chris Turner -
Google Reviewer

This is a Veteran owned business. Dave knows his stuff.

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Being born and raised in the Southern Maryland area, we are all too familiar with the pests in the area. We grew up killing bugs for our mama. With over 18 years of experience in the pest control business, we have learned what works and what does not when it comes to getting your house back. We pride ourselves on an honest and trustworthy work ethic to help you win back your home from unwanted guests.

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