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Pest Control St. Mary's County

We would be happy to help you win your house back from unwanted guests. Southern Maryland Boys Pest Control St. Mary’s County knows it can be difficult to exterminate your home on your own. Home remedies may help, but we have tried them ourselves and know they just aren’t as effective as having a professional exterminator thoroughly treat your home. If you have an older home and are concerned you may have termites, do not hesitate to call us. The longer you wait, the more damage can be done to your home.

“My husband died 8 years ago and he always took care of our pest control. The Pest Control Boys have always been understanding in my lack of knowledge and patient with me. The owner will always call me personally to make sure I’m happy with their services.” – Margaret T, St. Mary’s county resident

Our services include the removal of the following pests:

  • termites
  • bed bugs
  • roaches
  • fleas and ticks
  • ants
  • drain gnats and fruit flies
  • rodents – mice and rats
  • spiders and insects

Call us for your free estimate: 443 802 1022

St. Mary's County

St. Mary’s county is our home base. We call it home because we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Our office is located in Clements and the Boys that makes up Southern Maryland Boys Pest Control all live throughout the St. Mary’s county area. You are our neighbors and we won’t treat you any other way. Let us know about all the annoying pests you’ve seen and with your okay we will check for others. We have experience with waterfront homes, old homes, new homes, and every home in between. We are taking new clients, but won’t neglect our current ones. Call us today for your free estimate!

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