Spider Removal


Facts you may not now about spiders:

  • They won’t eat human food. They feed on arthropods and other insects that you don’t want in your home.
  • If you suck them up when vacuuming their soft bodies can’t handle the trauma and they will die.
  • Old abandoned webs still need to be knocked down because they may still have spider eggs on them.
  • You want them in your garden. They won’t eat your plants, but they will eat the other bugs.
  • Sticky traps or fly traps work just as well for spiders.

Removing Spiders from your home

The quickest way to remove a spider from your home would be a shoe or a rolled up newspaper, but if you can’t bring yourself to remove them in that way, you can try catching them in a jar and releasing them outside. But the best way to prevent having to spider hunt or play spider-catch-and-release is to vacuum your home regularly and knocking down spider webs that are around the outside of your home. Vacuuming will pick up egg sacs, spider webs, and even the spiders. They like to hide in cracks, crevices, and dark areas, so keeping your home free of cluttered corners will give them fewer places to hide. Spiders often enter the home through open or poorly screened doors or window frames, so checking these areas can prevent them from coming inside to look for their next meal.

If you choose to use an at-home insecticide always remember to read all the warnings and labels.

Calling in the professionals may not be necessary every time you see a spider in your home, however, if you start to notice you’re having to run to get a shoe or a rolled-up newspaper more times than you would prefer, or worried you have a spider infestation give Southern Maryland Boys Pest Control a call.

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