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At Southern Maryland Boys Pest Control, we provide bat removal services to both residential and commercial locations in St. Mary’s County, Charles County, and Calvert County. If you see bats flying around outside your home, it is possible that they may be living INSIDE your home. Its recommended you do not try to remove bats yourself since bats carry diseases. Bats and the scat they leave behind are a breeding ground for insects, so it is vital that they are removed ASAP. If you think that your property has bats, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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Calvert County Exterminators

Are you living in Calvert County and searching for dependable exterminators to help take care of any pests you may have? We’re your guys! Here at Southern Maryland Boys Pest Control, we will get the job done quickly and effectively. We are affordable and scheduling is made easy by filling out our online contact form.For many years, our neighbors have chosen us as their #1 choice to exterminate and remove all pests including bats, squirrels, cockroaches, mosquitos, termites, mice, and many more! Our team can handle just about anything. If you have any questions about our #1 Rated Exterminating services in Calvert County, give us a call today!

Charles County Pest Removal

When pests are inside your home, it may seem like they are taking over, all over. Our 5 star pest control services in Charles County can give you your home back once and for all!

  • Complete indoor coverage. Indoors, we treat all of the areas where pests can come in – every crack and crevice, under appliances, and every entry point.
  • Thorough outdoor protection.We clear away spider webs and wasp nests, and treat door thresholds and window casings.
  • Free additional service calls. We gladly provide additional service calls at no charge at all to you.

Contact our professionally trained team in Charles County to properly remove bats and any other pests that might be taking over your home or business. Our employees are expertly trained and are eager to get started! Allow us to be your go-to pest control company.

Southern Maryland Bat Removal Services

One of the most common places for bats to reside may be in the attic of your home. When ignored, a colony of bats can double or even triple in size. As the bat colony grows in size the bat guano can cause serious damage to your attic and even to your health. It can be easy to forget about attic dwelling bats if you don’t use your attic often, but don’t let the bats take over your home. We are experts and can cautiously remove these pests from attics, walls, basements, and crawl spaces.

Bat removal can be quite difficult, even for some trained professionals. As a result, it is best to rely on Southern Maryland’s experts who have years of experience to safely remove bats from your attic. Through the use of one-way doors, we will safely remove the bats. We will also inspect every inch of your home to find any entrance points and seal them up to prevent bats from entering again.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

With all of our pest control services here in Calvert County, Charles County, and St. Mary’s County we want to know our customers are happy with our services. This is why we always offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our trained experts are always courteous, polite, and respectful of your home or business. It is our goal to make the pest extermination process an easy one because we understand how frustrating it can be to have pests inside your home. Our techniques are extremely efficient and safe for you and your family. Contact our team of professionals to schedule your hassle-free estimate today!

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