It doesn’t matter what kind of ants you have in your home, they are all a nuisance that you want to exterminate. Getting rid of the ones bothering you doesn’t prevent their buddies from bothering you next. Different ant species will have colonies of all different shaped and sized colonies, but know that one ant crawling around means theirs probably a colony nearby.

Ants leave a pheromone trail to their new food source just like the storybook breadcrumb trail we all learned about as kids. It helps them find their way back to the nest and lets other ants find their way to the new food source. Here is how you’d get started with your extermination.

  • Determine the kind of ant – not all species of ants can be treated the same way.
  • Watch the ants to see where their invisible trail is – clean with a multi-purpose cleaner or vinegar solution later.
  • When setting out bait stations/poison, resist the urge to kill ants you find. They need to take the poison back to the colony.

Are Ant Control Home Remedies Effective?

While some home remedies can have some effectiveness in deterring ants from entering your home, certain ones can even effectively kill the ants that are visible. Not all home remedies account for the different kinds of species of ants. Different remedies will be needed for different kinds of ant infestations. Most think that ants only live outside in your yard, but, ants can live inside your walls or under your foundation.If it seems like you just can’t get rid of them, you may have an infestation.

A group of ants that are standing in the air.

What we do for ant removal...

  • Inspect the area – carpet edges, doors, windows, and kitchen areas.
  • Identify the species of ant.
  • Treat these areas and the nest.

If you live in Southern Maryland and you’re having a hard time getting rid of ants, give us a call. We service the tri-county area including St. Mary’s county, Charles county, and Calvert county. We can identify and effectively rid your home of ants!

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